Why install two or more circuits and charging stations when one would work just as well?

Save the unnecessary expense of installing multiple charging stations and multiple electrical circuits in one garage. One 30-amp, 240-volt circuit can deliver more than 250 miles of range in 10 hours of overnight charging. One 50-amp circuit can deliver more than 400 miles of range overnight. Distribute that range potential effortlessly and simultaneously among multiple EVs.

Many entities such as city fleets, car dealerships, industrial and business complexes will find the Mainpine multi-headed EVSE to be a perfect solution for adaptively charging multiple EVs.

Easy to read LED usage readings
Uses only one supply circuit
Level 2 charging
Modular and expandable
Charge up to 7 EVs simultaneously
Saves time and money

The following elements are customizable for each Mainpine multi-headed EVSE:

  • Number of "heads" or cables for concurrent charging up to seven
  • Length of J1772 cables
  • Input circuit capacity up to 100A
  • Optional current sensors maximize circuit utilization
  • Hard-wired to input circuit or plug-connected

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Pricing depends upon the specific configuration.
For exact pricing or to place an order complete this form and send it to us - or contact us and provide:

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • your shipping address
  • electrical circuit type (continuous rating)
  • Will the EVSE be plugged into a socket or hard-wired?
  • wall construction type (Is it metal? If so, what type?)
  • number and types of EVs to charge
  • desired length of the cables
  • install optional current sensors (to maximize circuit usage)?


Building on nearly two decades of expertise in computer hardware manufacture, software development and product support in the fax industry the management team at Mainpine had a strong desire to contribute positively to the Electric Vehicle industry. Mainpine produced its first EVSE controller module, the Mainpine EPC, in 2012. This product became the core component to an EVSE used in nearly one thousand installations throughout the United Kingdom. Seeing a need for multiple Electric Vehicle charging, Mainpine has brought its unique technology to the United States and expanded it into the highly configurable Mainpine Multi-Headed EVSE.

Multiple entities such as city fleets, car dealerships, as well as industrial and business complexes will find our EVSE to be the ideal solution for adaptively charging multiple Electric Vehicles.

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